A litle daydreaming

Im doing it again… Staying up waaay past my bed time even though I’m dead tired, dreaming away, dreaming dreaming  dreaming… Lately it seem like it’s all I’m able to do, I can’t think of anything else, I can’t seem to wake up. I’m positive that next friday it’s my turn, my turn to win the jackpot the huge jackpot. I mean seriously I have been playing the lottery for so long now so why shouldn’t it be me? It might as well be me as anyone else right? And now that I now that I will be the winner, I might as well star planning right – after all theres a lot that needs to be done when I become a millionaire so I might as well give my self a head start…

And well I actually already designed my dream house, I even found the architect thats gonna build it, AND i found the lot where I’m gonna build. So now I only hope that no one else buys the lot before me, cause if someone does, then what do I do? I just can’t loose that lot, it’s my DREAM lot, and if I loose it I’ll have to start from scratch and plan everything all over.. So you see I have to win, I simply have to.. This Friday I just need to and have to win, it’s as simple as that.!!


Well and it’s not like I’ve stopped my planning at designing my house, noooo I of course also found my dream car, that awesome amazing car, with four wheel drive, leather interior, automatic gears and top of the line stereo.. That car that we will drive when we go skiing this winter, at the destination that I obviously also found and planned to the tiniest detail.. Uh and I of course also found a cute little skishop where I found the coolest skies, thank goodness for the internet.. Don’t know what I’d do without it, cause how would I be able to dream without it? Gotta love the internet..!! Cant wait till friday, can’t wait..!!


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