The possibilities of the internet :)

Well as the headline implies, I just absolutely love the internet and the many possibilities it brings. Cause if you’re a dreamer like me, it would have been extremely difficult finding the info I need for when I become a millionaire. So obviously I’ve found countless online shopping sites that I’m gonna shop from AND I pre filled my shopping cards, so all I have to do is press “buy” when the time comes. And don’t think for a minute that my dreaming stops here, nooooo… They just keep on adding on and on and on and on, theres just no stopping me when I get started… more wants more right? Ohhh damn you internet, I just can’t seam to leave you alone, you’re just so tempting…

Well shopping isn’t all I have to do when I become a millionaire, no cause with money comes responsibility right? So first and foremost my family’s gonna get a peace of the cake, cause after all how can I be happy if my family isn’t? So I have planned down to the smalls detail how I’m gonna go about it, this is what I’m gonna do: When they call me from the lottery company, I’m gonna tell them that each one of my sisters and my parents chipped in on my lottery ticket, with an agreement of 5 % of the jackpot each if I win the big prize. This way they all get a substantial amount of money and I still have lots to use on charity and so on. You see in the country I come from you can’t give away money without paying taxes and if you give away more than 5ooo dollars you have to pay 50% in taxes of the given amount… crazy right… (Btw. info I found on the internet of course) So that’s my plan..! I just can’t wait till Friday 🙂 🙂

Well and then we have my friends, I just have the most amazing surprise planned for them.  I’m not gonna tell them about my winning at all, or at least not in the beginning.. No I’m gonna wait till my dreamhouse is done, and then I’m gonna call them with the announcement that I have moved and that I’m gonna throw a housewarming party.. When they arrive, I’m gonna place envelopes as their place-settings, containing a Goldcart filled with money and an “all girls” fun trip to New York all expenses paid… I know exactly which hotel we’re gonna stay at, when we’re gonna leave and which airline we’re gonna take. Everything is preplanned down to the tiniest detail .. (again you gotta love the possibilities of the internet) They are gonna be soooo surprised, I cant wait to see the look on their face 🙂 🙂 And thats when I’m gonna tell them about my lottery winnings.. I’m not quite sure that I’m gonna tell them exatly how much money I’ve actually won, I mean you have to remain just a little bit anonymous right? Cause if everybody knew just how much money I actually had, I’d be scared that they wouldn’t feel I gave them enough.. And though money can be an amazing thing, it can without a doubt also be a terrifying thing, as you all of the sutten would have to figure out who’s in it for the money and who’s really a true friend… So instead of telling them of the full 52 million dollars, I’m gonna say that I won about 5 mill. obviously I’m gonna be ready to help them at any time if they need it, cause again how on earth would I be able to be happy if those closest to me aren’t… Cant wait till Friday, just can’t wait.. On Friday I’m gonna be a millionaire, I just know it…. Cant wait..!! 🙂 🙂


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