No winnings for me :( :(

Well as usual I didn’t win a single penny in the lottery yesterday, buhuu…. Actually I’m just having a total “downer day” today… I’m still broke, I miss my grandma, I’m not getting in better shape even though I’ve been running, swimming and doing other activities for more than 8 months now.. I just don’t get it, I mean I can still only run about a mile and then I loose my breath completely?? I mean I really can’t breath, whats the deal with that..? I’m beginning to think that something may be really wrong with my lungs or something.. And of course my best friend who always has been better at everything, started running a couple of weeks ago, and already she’s way better than me and can run 7 kilometers without a single break, and no loss of breath at all.. Just don’t get it AAARRGGHH so not fair :-/ :-/

And I really miss my grandma today, today it’s just over a week ago that we laid her to rest… It’s so weird that she’s not here anymore, but after all she was 93 years old and we were all there when she passed so I find a little comfort in knowing that she knew she was loved and cherished till the very end.. But still, it’s just so empty now.. I don’t have any grandparents anymore 😦 😦 But I had the best grandparents one could dream of.. They were truly amazing, and I’m lucky to have had them for so long, and for that I’m really grateful… All in all I really am really blessed with the family I have..

I am 35 years old, I have 2 beautiful, healthy and smart daughters. I have 3 sisters and I have 12 nephews and nieces – all of whom are also healthy, smart and beautiful.. I have my mom and dad, who till this day, still are totally in love and can’t spend as much as a day apart, and I had, as previously mentioned, the best grandparents in the world. I had the most idyllic, good, safe and happy childhood, so really I have nothing to complaint about.. I know I am more blessed than most people, so now you might be wondering what it is I’m dreaming about right? Cause I have it all right? Well yeah, I’m rich when it comes to family.. When it comes to family I’m a millionaire, I know.. But yet I can’t seem to stop dreaming my days away.. I wish that you could get a “stop dreaming” pill, and I would definitely take it.. But unfortunately those doesn’t exist.. So what do I do.. How do I stop..

Aaarrgghh I’m just having a downer day today.. A totally negative downer day… Nothing seems to be going my way today, at all.. Don’t even know why I’m spending my time writing this, it’s not like anybody’s gonna see it anyways… But well now it’s out so now I can get on with my day…

– JohanneMagrethe


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