One of my dreams..

Hi’ my name i JohanneMagrethe and I’m a dreamer…

Actually I can spend as much as, well probably 5 to 6 hours a day just dreaming… Dreaming dreaming dreaming dreaming…. So what do I dream about..? Well I’ve already told you about some of my dreams, or should I say plans? Cause if I do win the lottery one day I will defiantly go through with all of my plans.. Well here’s one of my other dreams for when I become a millionaire..

I wanna buy a house in the states, and go live there for a year. See I’ve always loved the states and everything about it, and I’ve even been there twice.. It would just be amazing for both my children and me, they could go to school over there and I would get to play rich hollywood lady for a year. And yeah I’d only stay there for a year, cause I simply love my family and friends to much to be away from them longer then that. So thanks to I found my dream house.. I just absolutely LOVE, it is an amazing site so easy to navigate making it even easier for me to dream.. So here is my dream house


To see the details cheek this link :

The house is in Calabasas in the completely gated and private area. You see I’d be kinda scared being in LA all by my lonesome so safety is important when I choose my new home. It’s really expensive though so you see I really really need to win the lottery… Another plus about this place is that it is located close to one of the Kardashians.. I just love those sisters and kinda see me and my sisters and my crazy family, as a european version of them.. Now don’t think that I’m some crazy stocker fan, cause I’m definitely not! But I just figured that if I needed a safe place to live, what better way than to check out where the celebs lived and thats when I came across their homes.. Actually theres a pic of it on google so it’s really simple to find, see here’s Kourtney’s house


It’s actually on the same street as the house I found on trulia… How cool would it be living in this area huh… I even went so far as to figure out what car I was gonna buy once I came over there, and even found a car dealership close by where I could buy it.. This is my dream car, and the car I’m gonna buy when I win the lottery and go to the states :


A white Range rover sport, with everything inside of it that one could wish for… In the country I come from very few people can afford a car like this so just the thought of being able to drive this car is so unreal.. But I’m gonna win the lottery right, so it’s just a matter of time before I’m behind the wheel of this baby 🙂 🙂

I just really really really need to win the lottery so I can make this dream come true.. I just need to… Cant wait…..


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