Who doesn’t dream ???

Ideas_for_Kitchen_Islands_9769552_460  images-18 images-19 images-17

Alright so reading my posts I realize that I might seem somewhat shallow, but come on who doesn’t dream ? I mean be honest who wouldn’t like that huge kitchen, the car that starts every single time, a house without a mortgage, dream vacations, and a walk in closet filled with just the right type of clothes..

I mean being a mom, obviously my biggest dream is that my daughters have a long healthy and happy life with little or no sorrows. A life of happiness, surrounded by people who loves them.. And also I wish for their and my sake, that I as well will be blessed with a long and healthy life, so I can be there for them when they grow up, have children and get married… That is without a doubt my number one priority on my wish/dream list..

That said though, how awesome would it be if I could buy them their first car, and if I could buy them their first apartment, so all they’d have to worry about was concentrating about getting a good education and being happy… That would be SO cool…. So so so so cool… And as things are right now all I’d be able to buy them was a bus ticket to school..!!
I know that there are people out there who struggle with bad health such as cancer and other horrible diseases. There are people who are homeless, children being abused and people who can’t afford putting food on their table. In Africa and other poor countries they struggle with starvation and lack simple things that we in the west take for granted and yet they are content with what they have.. So how selfish am I to be dreaming about shallow stupid material things, when what I should be dreaming of is world peace and good health around the world… But I just can’t help myself,  and if I ever was to win, at least half of my winning would without a doubt go to people less fortunate then me… But that said I still dream.. I dream and dream and dream and dream and dream….

Somebody wake me up please, I mean seriously, I’m gonna end up like sleeping beauty, just dreaming my life away….

images-22 images-20 kitchen-island-design 42549-White-Clean-Walk-In-Closet



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