A dream collage :)

Okey so one thing I know I’m good at, it’s dreaming… So here’s a little dreamy collage of some of the beautiful rooms I’ve been dreaming of mixed with some cute scandinavian design… Enjoy 🙂

images-47 images-48 images-53 images-52 images-51 images-50 images-49 images-54

I’ve always wanted a one story house, and how cool are these… And a pool would just give it that extra plus.. It would obviously need to be heated though, the climate here doesn’t exactly invite for year round swimming 🙂 🙂

images-68 images-63 images-62 images-61 images-60 images-64

How amazing are these bedrooms, and obviously I’d need a walk in closet to match ….

images-78 images-75 images-74 images-76 images-77

And I then I’d also need to have that awesome master bath to match … maybe something like this ….

images-56 images-57 images-58 images-59

One more thing i would need in my new home is a huge laundry room and a mud room… Maybe something like this …

images-87 images-86 images-85 images-84

I love the idea of a “lifted” washer and dryer…. And also I would love to have that perfect kitchen and of course with a huge island where you could eat small meals.. Maybe something like this….

images-83 images-82 images-81 images-80

And then obviously I’d need those perfect rooms for my daughters maybe something like this …

images-79 images-73 images-71 images-70 images-69 images-67

How cute are those rooms… You gotta love the internet huh.. Theres nothing you can’t find.. My new home I would decorate with a mix of scandinavian designs.. Here are some of the most classic and popular designs right now.. In scandinavia it’s very much all about clear lines and perhaps the quite opposite of american styles.. But I like both and would do a combo of both in my home ….

images-98 images-97 images-96 images-95 images-94 images-93 images-92 images-91 images-90 images-89

So just a little dreamy pictures on a rainy, cold and stormy day…. Enjoy…..

Ps. still seeking that billionaire who wants to give me tons of money… still dreaming my days away hoping that luck will be on my side when it’s time for the lottery again…


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