If only….

So all thats on my mind these days is my upcoming trip to NYC… I just can’t wait, I’m sooooo exited…. However planning my trip also makes me dream, cause how awesome would it be to have all the money in the world when you’re going to the shopping mekka of the world.. If I was lucky enough to magically get a gizilion dollars on my account this is what I’d do… :
I would start my shopping trip on 5th avenue, here I’d start by visiting Tiffany’s, and since I’m never getting married I would buy my own “engagement” ring.. A big huge rock so heavy, that my arm would hurt just by wearing it ha ha.. I mean who doesn’t love love love diamonds… Here’s a couple of the rings I dream of 🙂 :

IMG_6964 IMG_6963 IMG_6962 IMG_6960 IMG_6959IMG_6956 IMG_6958IMG_6957

Seriousely how amazing are these rings…. I dream to one day own one of those, however I don’t even think that they exist in the country I live ha ha… And I actually already have my own little diamond, and yeah it’s little in your eyes however where I’m from it’s actually quite big, and I am quite satisfied with it… But still what woman doesn’t dream of big diamonds…. Anyway after going to Tiffany’s I would stroll over to Manolo Blahnik and get me some of these babies…

images-101 IMG_6663 images-99 images-100

How awesome are they… After watching Sex and the City a million times this is something I would just have to have, had I had the money 🙂 And then comes the bags… ohh God the bags I would buy if I was rich.. Don’t know what it is but I just have a thing for bags and actually got my very first designer bag in New York in 2008, and ever since then I’ve just Loved bags… So, I would stroll over to Louis Vuitton where my bag hunting would begin, and then I’d move on to Hermes, Chanel, Mulberry, Michael Kors and so on… These are some of the bags I dream of owning…

IMG_6972 IMG_6971 IMG_6970 IMG_6969 IMG_6967 IMG_6968 IMG_6966 IMG_6657 IMG_6658 IMG_6662

However I can’t complaint when it comes to bags cause I already own my fair share of designer bags… But still I dream… All I’ll be able to afford for this trip, if I’m really lucky is this


Cause now that I have my new iPhone I need to have something to put it in so it doesn’t get broken…. And even though I really really want to go to Tiffany’s and get a big diamond I can defiantly settle for less and hoped to get one of these

IMG_6961          IMG_6955

I thought that I could esally be able to get these but they are actually super expensive, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford it, buhuuuu…. But maybe.. Otherwise I guess I could just be a little extra nice to my boyfriend and beg him for it..  Uhh Wait, I know I just have to talk about babies and he’ll definitely give me those things ha ha 🙂 🙂

 I’m just sooooo exited I can’t wait… Just dreaming my days away……..


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