New York, New York, New York, New York

Alright so I’m going crazy trying to find the perfect hotel for my trip… It’s sooo difficult, I mean what area is best ? My main purpose of the trip is definatly shopping..! And since we’re gonna be there for black friday, I want to get the most of the offers, and sales so I can get most of my christmas shopping over with. And we’re only gonna be there from thursday november 27th till sunday 30th, so you see I have to make the most of my short stay.. Therefor it’s crucial that our hotel is located in short distance to the top shopping destinations.. But I have yet to figure out where I find the best shopping….??? Well I know that I wanna go to these stores :

bergdorf-goodman Bloomingdales images-4 images images-2

Macys, Bloomingdales, Saks fifth avenue, Bergdorf and Goodman, Tiffany and company..

So which area would be best to live in if these are the stores I’m gonna spend a lot of time..?


And after watching Keeping up with the kardashians I just have to see this:


Dash New York

But where else do I go for good offers..? Last time I went to new york we also went to Century 21, which I also really liked however I found it a little difficult to find my way around, and ended up spending way to much time in there just trying to find things. So not sure that I wanna go there again, but where else do I find good bargains..?? I wish I had my own private New York guide that could tell me where to go, and how to find the best offers – OR just having endless money so I wouldn’t have to spend so much time looking for good offers now that I only have 4 days in my dream country… Well well… I’ll just have to keep researching the internet like a mad person and hope that I somehow figure it all out..!! If someone reading this has some good tips, please please leave a comment with your great advise šŸ™‚

While I’m over there I definitely also wanna do some sightseeing.. Last time I went we didn’t get to go to empire state building, cause the line was soooo long so we ended up going to top of the rock instead, which was great nut this time I without a doubt wanna go to Empire State Building.. Last time I went, we also went to see The Statue of Liberty, so I’m not sure we’re gonna do that this time.. But we will definitely go see the new tower of ????? … When we went in 2008 there was just a big whole in the ground so I’m so exited to see what it looks like now… Also I wanna see all of Central Park..


I mean how pretty is that… The last time we only got to see a corner of it, and it was sooo beautiful so wanna see a little more… But again, what else do I just have to see..?? New York experts please comment šŸ™‚

Hope to find some New York experts that can give some useful advise, until then I’ll keep researching and keep dreaming about winning the lottery – that would just make everything SOOOO much easier….


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