Rich people of the world I DARE YOU….!!!!!

Well as previously stated I am new in this blogging universe, but not only am I new to this but also to the world of Twitter. I really like twitter and think that it’s a great social media. I’ve aded a lot of celebrities just to kinda see whats next for them and what they actually share with their fans. So I’ve also adden really influential people ( really really rich people ) and therefor added Richard Branson. I must say I’m somewhat surprised about the many frequent tweets from him..! Also I must say… yada yada yada yada yada… One day he talks about saving the planet, saving the environment, global warming etc. and then the next day he talks about how he wants to have a fleet of spaceships to create commercial moon travel… I mean really..?? Seriousely….??? And then today – hold on ——- then he talks about poverty, equality and “saving” the less fortunate….
Well you know what, that’s all great..!!!!  You talk and talk and talk and talk but where’s the ACTION…??? What do you really do..? And don’t you even see how you contradict every little thing that comes out your mouth…??? I mean do you really need spaceships, does the world really need commercial flights to the moon…? What if..- that instead of using billions of dollars on building needless spaceships you use billions of dollars on all of those poor people you talk about..?? I mean this actually really makes me angry, and I don’t usually but in to business like this…. And sure I would absolutely LOVE being rich – after all that’s like the entire essens of my blog right…?! BUT I don’t need to have 10 cars, 7 homes, a private yet and a helicopter parked in my backyard…!!! I don’t need 14 bedrooms, a chef, a private trainer and a driver. Sure it would be nice, but I could and would probably live without it. I wouldn’t have to buy all designer outfits and I wouldn’t have to have 300 pairs of shoes, 15 Berkin bags, a weekly manicure and pedicure. I am perfectly able to do my own nails, I’m perfectly able to wash my own clothes, I’m perfectly able to drive my self around and it wouldn’t kill me to fly coach with all the other “normal” people.

So what if the rich people, especially in the land of opportunities, sell some of their cars, settle for less than 20.000 sqf mansions, only have 2 or even 3 cars in their garage. What if Oprah buys a smaller home (after all what does she need all that space for anyways??), What if Scott Disick sells just a couple of his many rolex watches, what if Travolta sells one of his plains, What if Branson invested all the money planned for commercial space travel in poors, What if The Kardashians flew coach, What if Bill Gates donated 10% of his wealth to poor people, What if Marc Zuckerberg donates 5 % of his….. What if America raised their taxes for rich people to 60% like we have in my country, what would the states then look like..??? In my country we pay high taxes so we get free hospital, free education and equal opportunities for everybody.. What If you all learned a little from that..?? After all Oprah herself said that my country was the happiest in the world..! Well we are happy cause we’re equals, we aren’t selfish and don’t prioritize our own greed a head of helping others. We believe that if we all at least have the same opportunities, first then can we decide what we want to do with our life. And maybe we don’t have any Bill Gates in my country, maybe we don’t have any Kardashians, maybe we don’t have any Justin Biebers, BUT we must be doing something right if we truly are the happiest people in the world right.? So what if you all learned from that..?!

Or even better yet… Have any of you extremely rich people ever tried to actually give money to the homeless, And I mean REAL money..? Not just like 10 buck cause that doesn’t count. You might not save the starving people in Africa that way, you might not solve the global warming situation, however you might save the faith of ONE person. YOU might be what helps them take a step in the right direction, YOU might be the one to help turn their lives around, YOU might influence that person to pass it on, YOU might make a difference in your own country. And what if you ALL do it, how many lives could then be changed? And think about how you can restore that ONE persons faith in people, make them feel worth something again, make them feel that they too matter and are important in the society in which they live. Look them in their eyes, tell them they matter, tell them they are worth something, tell them you believe in them. Did you ever stop to think about what horrible situations they’ve gone thru that put them on the street in the first place..??

This could be the “ice-bucket” challenge for rich people.. I DARE YOU…. Go to your bank, take out 10.000 dollars (honestly you know it’s “pennys” for you). Find a person in need, look them in the eyes, tell them they matter and give them the money..! You might not see this as an investment, but in the long run maybe it will be… 

Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Kardashian Family, Real Housewives of beverly hills and all the other rich people in the world… I DARE YOU….!!!


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