So maybe I went a little overboard yesterday :) :)

Okey so I admit that I might have went a little overboard with my post yesterday, don’t really know what it was about Richard Bransons tweets that made me that aggravated, but I guess that it was kinda a sum up of what  all the celebrities has been doing on twitter combined. I guess you have a lot of different thing in the states compared to in my country that I just don’t understand, one of them being all the famous people slapping on a purple shirt on day and an orange the next in the fight for stopping bullying. And that’s great, but come on anyone can slap on a t-shirt, but what does that really do..?? I personally think it makes THEM feel better – it doesn’t really help the victims of bullying does it..? Kinda like when you see wealthy people volunteer in a soup kitchen or donating some of their used and worn out clothes.. It doesn’t really help anyone else then themselves.. Cause that way they feel that they’ve done something and they can ease their bad conscience for not really making a difference in people’s lives. Like in “keeping up with the kardashians” when Mr. Jenner drags Kendall and Kylie to a shelter – not to help the people at the shelter but to make them more grateful of what they have..!! I mean wouldn’t it have made a greater impact on their lives if he actually made them do something life changing for some of the families in the shelter..???

Well I guess somethings I just don’t understand.. I know that if I got rich at some point I defiantly wouldn’t be as greedy as all of those people – I just don’t think it’s part of the scandinavian mentality.. It’s just not how we were brought up..!!!

Well enough about that – I still dream and maybe even more so now..!! How amazing would it be to have the opportunity to help those less fortunate than myself, how amazing would it be to help my family and friends, and how amazing would it be being able to stay at home just focusing on taking care of my beautiful girls. I kinda feel like a pre midlife crisis is approaching me, and I’m getting desperate to make money and make them fast.. But it’s just not really possible for me… So I’ll keep dreaming, and living my pathetic miserable life, and hoping that that grand prize will come my way soon… Preferably BEFORE I go to NYC 🙂 🙂  I can’t wait to go, even though I don’t have any money, and window shopping is free right 🙂 🙂

By the way I’ve made a “Travel” page on my blog.. Here I’ll pass on all my tips for the destinations I’ve been lucky enough to visit… Check it out…

Thanks for visiting 🙂

– JohanneMagrethe


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