Friday – Jackpot day…!!!

Uhhhhh it’s friday again… Fridays are always a little weird for me as that is the day of the Eurojackpot drawings.. And friday after friday after friday, I literally dream my day away.. I just can’t seem to let the thought of winning go, and every friday I actually try to force myself to not think about it, cause the day I don’t think about it might just be the day I win..??

I mean it’s kinda like when we tried for a second child. We really really really wanted to have a baby, and planned everything. I had always wanted to have a baby in the fall so just before christmas we started trying.. I thought it would take a couple of months at the most, cause first time around it was so easy… But the second time, nothing happened… I didn’t get it, I mean we knew that we were able to have a child but still it just didn’t happen. I ended up thinking about it every single second of every single day, I got totally obsessed, using ovulations tests and so on, but still nothing… After a year and a half of trying and having 2 miscarriages, I finally gave up hope, and we decided to seek help… BUT after giving up hope, not using the ovulation tests, not thinking about it all the time – thats when I got pregnant…. So you see I believe everything happens when you least expect it, and maybe the same goes for winning the lottery – it will happen when I least expect it…!!!! So maybe when I’m finally done with my education in a couple of years, and maybe when my financial situation is better – then maybe that’s when I’ll winn…???

I just can’t wait though….. I want it to happen noooooowwwww…. Buuuuuuhuuuuuuuu

…. “I wanna be a billionaire sooo f*ing baaad buy all of the things I never had” ……

This song just says it sooooo well…. Thats exactly how I feel and especially on fridays… Today the Jackpot is 18 million dollars – I mean how insane is that… Think of all the people I would be able to help with that amount of money…. CRAZY… And this week in my country we have a “cure cancer week” so I would definitely donate a huge amount of money to that also…. Please please and please with please on top, dear God please let me win…………. I promise to do good with the money, I promise………. 🙂 🙂 🙂

………………………………  18.000.000,00 $ ……………………….


images-6 images-7 images-8 images-9




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