No time for dreaming..

Okey so I’ve been super duper busy the past week, so haven’t had any time what so ever to dream away on the internet.. But now I’m almost on top of everything so I’m ready to join my little dream universe again 🙂 Well as previously told, I’m doing my “internship” (don’t know what it’s called in english) now – I started last monday and then it will be 6 more weeks before I’m done. I have to “work”  for 7 weeks as part of my education, and there is SOOOO much planning and preparation to do, so thats why I haven’t been able to spend time on my blog….
Well anyways – I finally found a hotel in NYC … So happy….  Cause now I can finally start planning my trip.. The hotel we booked looks SO cosy and it has great reviews so I’m super exited to see if it lives up to the great reviews. This is the hotel…

6763732_74_z6763732_63_z6763732_35_z   6763732_46_z staticmap

Check it out here :

Cosy right..? And the location is perfect I think.. Last time we went to NYC we stayed at this hotel …

55596_67_z55596_91_z 55596_94_z 55596_69_z staticmap-2

Check it out here :

It was SO cosy and also had a great location – there was absolutely nothing to complaint about, friendly staff – clean rooms – excellent service throughout our stay, however I think it’s a little pricy which is why we’ve chose another hotel this time… I’d rather spend money on shopping than a hotel, after all we just have to sleep there, so it’s not like we’ll be spending a lot of time at the hotel itself.

My main goal of the trip is obviously shopping (hope to buy all my christmas presents here) – and since we’re there at Black Friday I really need to scope out the good offers, and sales before going.. However the sales haven’t been released yet so I’m patiently waiting for them to be released so I really can make my itinerary for the trip. I have already been on Macys website – making a wish list so I know exactly which department to go to first and which items I want – these are some of the items I hope to get at a good price ..

2289758_fpx.tif 2338580_fpx.tif 2346300_fpx.tif 2428309_fpx.tif 1518937_fpx.tifYou see Designers like Ralph Lauren are so much more cheap in the states, and also there is a much bigger selection on the different items, so I just HAVE to get some Ralph Lauren for my kids while I’m over there.. And how cute is that pj from Paul Frank, My oldest daughter would look so awesome in that.. 🙂 And that red and black striped knitted dress from Ralph Lauren would be perfect for christmas eve, and it even comes in both my daughters size so they could wear the same for christmas – PERFECT 🙂 My youngest daughter has always love school uniforms, and you simply can’t get that in my country – and what did I find on Macys website..? Schooluniforms…. Perfect, so I defiantly have to buy one of those for my daughter – it’s just to play in but still it’s a funny little thing that none of her friends has – and something you can only get over here so it makes for a perfect gift for christmas… I was thinking of this one, how cute is that..

2180479_fpx.tif 2180443_fpx.tif 1608369_fpx.tif 1615090_fpx.tif 1960248_fpx.tif

She would absolutely LOVE it so I hope to get this on sale as well…. Another thing that’s cheaper in the states is Nike… I do a lot of sports and I absolutely love Nike.. Especially their Nike Free’s, they are the most soft and amazing shoes I’ve had so I really need to get me some new ones while I’m over there.. These are some of the Nike items I hope to find on sale on black friday…

2371413_fpx.tif 2238665_fpx.tif 2254069_fpx.tif1832525_fpx.tif

2316039_fpx.tif 2330628_fpx.tif


You gotta love Nike – and you gotta love Macys….. Cant wait – just hope that I can get some of the items, and that it isn’t sold out by the time I get there… I know that it can get kinda crazy on Black Friday… So I hope hope hope….

If only I had tons of money – then I wouldn’t have to spend all this time planing to the smallest detail which store to go to and making list after list of comparing prizes etc. I wonder what it would feel like to be able to just walk in to a store and be able to buy what ever I wanted without even looking at the price tag.. Do rich people even think about the price…? Well well fortunately dreaming is free, and thats what I’m gonna keep doing… Who knows maybe one day it will actually be my turn to be rich, don’t know how.. but maybe one day it will just happen…. 🙂 🙂 Until then – I’ll do some more research so I’m sure to get the best sales and deals on my trip to NYC…… Only 24 days left…… 24 days…..



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