So it’s been a while…

Well as previously stated I’ve been super busy with my internship, but now it’s almost over… This is my last week and then I’m freeeeeee until January 5th – CANT WAIT 🙂 🙂 But things have gotten a lot better since last time I wrote.. I no longer hate tuesdays and everything in my internship actually turned out pretty well…

So I’ve now been to New York, and still I absolutely LOVE that city.. And it’s just sooo pretty at christmas time, it’s unreal.. My country could definitely learn a thing or two when it comes to decorating store windows for christmas.. Well all in all you americans just really know how to decorate during christmas – and all other holidays for that sake. You go all in with lights and cosy, funny, special decorations for everything, maybe you just appreciate your holidays more than we do, or maybe it’s just the fact that everything is just bigger and better in the states well almost everything anyways 🙂 🙂

Well now that christmas is coming closer, I don’t know why – but somehow I always wind up feeling a little blue. Maybe it’s because another year is coming to it’s end, you know another year that I didn’t winn the lottery, another year I didn’t get pregnant, another year I didn’t become truly happy, another year I dreamed my days away, and another year to add to my age .. 36 … I’m 36 YEARS OLD… 36 … Another year of loosing eggs from my whom, another year where prince charming didn’t come knocking on my door… 36 YEARS old…. I’m really beginning to run out of time now aren’t I..? If I want more babies I have to get started soon, and I’m just SO scared that it’s gonna be to late for me.. BUHUU…

But maybe it’s also because it’s that time of year where there’s more dark hours of the day than light, you know the time for candle light and nostalgic christmas carols in the radio. It’s that time of year where you can be really romantic and cuddle up in the couch every night with a warm blanket, hot coco, a romantic flic and the one you love. It’s that time of year where your sleep really close to you’re one and only, to keep warm in the cold nights. It’s that time of year where you really get to show you’re appreciation to you’re loved ones by spending hours in the stores, searching for that perfect gift for them. And well I guess I really just need someone to share this special time of year with.. Every single christmas for the last many years, has been the busiest time for my boyfriend, so that is the month that we rarely see him at all, well not until a day or two before christmas anyways… And so I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m just a teenee tiny bit lonely right now, and just want someone to cuddle up with in the couch, with candle lights and hot coco…..

Well just a little update from me, I’ll be back soon….


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