Break-in at my neighbors house… back to reality, back to dreaming…..!!

First of all Happy New year to everyone following me 🙂 🙂 Hope you’ve had an amazing Holliday, a merry christmas and a happy new year.. I definitely have.. For Chritsmas we went skiing in Norway, and it was soooo idyllic and beautiful, and how amazing is it to watch the snow falling quietly outside on christmas, while opening gifts and eating delicious food…. New Years eve we celebrated at home, just my little family and my little dog – who was quite scared of all the fireworks poor thing – and before I new it was back to reality and back to school… And with that comes dreaming….

So yesterday was spent daydreaming my day away… Dreaming of a new car like this

Image Even though my dream car still is a Range Rover Sport this comes pretty close to a dreamcar also.. It has plenty of room, and we can easily place our little doggy in the back.. It has 4-wheel drive and most of them has automatic transmission.. It’s perfect for when we go skiing and perfect for traveling and also it’s fairly economic, so it would be win win… However it’s still waaaaaay to expensive for my non existing budget ha ha, but a girl can dream right..??!!

Also I’ve been dreaming about that perfect house.. I really just want a house that I can feel save in.. When my boyfriend has been home for a while I alway get a little scared of being alone when he leaves.. The house I live in is a real “eye-catcher” and way to easy and accessible, and therefor also really easy to break into.. A break-in has always been one of my biggest fears, cause I’m alone with my daughters all the time and I just don’t know what I’d do… So yesterday after dreaming my day away about that perfect secluded house, and that perfect Volvo car there was a knock on my door… It was my neighbor wanting to inform me that there had been a BREAK-IN in her house during the weekend…!!!! WHAT….. a break-in… now thats really close all of the sudden, and I was reminded that it could actually happen to me too.. The scary thing is that it probably happened while I was sitting here in my living room wide awake.. I just didn’t hear or see anything… But what if my house is next…? Thats such a scary thought, so now more than ever, do I want to win the lottery…. PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE dear Lord let me win… So I can get away from this house, and build a house that I can feel save in…. PLEASE…….

Dear person who ever you are in the skies above 

let me win the lottery and I’ll give you love

please give me a little more luck

and I promise I’ll give you a hug

Please give me the freedom I so often dream of

please let my life be a little less tough

and now that you’re at it, I’d like a nice car too

uhh and maybe even a baby or two

And if you can’t give me luck, then at least make me a little more smart

that way I can invent things, and then become a millionaire at heart

Hmm a poet I guess I’ll never be

but a dreamer by heart, now thats just me

Well I still dream and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again if theres a millionaire/billionaire/gazillionaire out there who doesn’t know what to do with all that money, I’ll help you… I’d gladly take some of them of you’re shoulders ha ha…. 🙂 🙂 Otherwise happy dreaming out there….. 🙂


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