Caught up in a dream…

AAARRGGHH so these last couple of days I just can’t seem to stop dreaming… Once again I’m really just caught up in this little dreamworld of mine, and I can’t seem to wake up or snap out of it… And I really really need to, cause I kinda have a Bachelor to write, so I have NO time for dreaming right now….. I blame Pinterest, Pinterest is such a time consumer when you’re a dreamer like me.. I already have everything lined up for that day when I magically become a millionaire and get to build my own house.. I have like a gzillion dreams on pinterest just ready to be taken to use… Add me @ johannemagrethe on pinterest and get a glimpse of all of my crazy dreams in pictures..

So the dream place for me to live is Calabasas… I’m just obsessed with this area, don’t know why cause I’ve never been there, but on TV it just looks like an amazing place to live, and so I can’t stop myself from checking out daily just to see if new homes has been put up for sale… I wish I could see Calabasas with my own eyes, then maybe I would fall out of love with it and maybe then I could stop all this silly dreaming… Ohh well, currently this is my favorite home in Calabasas…

picture-uh=18dbbc48722ad3f0ddeb2565b050d3be-ps=16718f207fba67fd22e3d687c64c4c3 picture-uh=438e91a6b237f8cab7fbe078edd8989-ps=f157f75ea8dc83e223e62dc5ecc31b picture-uh=9379e3182f4af1433c778e789cef4ded-ps=54ae938a46a2c284864c59c8747b8ebc picture-uh=f0bb846f5de3b8db8e434beb7389dac-ps=5dfaaac52cf251e3deaaf7ba46191b76

I mean how pretty is that…. You can see more pics of the house by clicking on this link :

I LOVE trulia cause it makes it really easy to dream big like I tend to do ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

And obviously I’d decorate this house amazingly.. so as previously stated I found a million good ideas on Pinterest… Way to many to put up in here, so check out my Pinterest for great ideas for homes ๐Ÿ™‚

Well besides dreaming of Calabasas… I’ve been dreaming a lot lately about the whole baby thing…. It’s just so hard to come to terms with the fact ย that I’ll never have more kids, ohh what I wouldn’t do to have more babies, twins would be perfect, twins are my dream…!!! God I hope that at least one of my dreams would come true one day, cause the thought of it never happening is just unbearable !!!!!!! how do you make you’re dreams come true..?? How…….

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