CAN’T STOP DREAMING, SOMEBODY PLEASE WAKE ME UP ALREADY, cause I really really don’t have time for all this dreaming…!!! I’m staying up WAY past my bedtime, dreaming my days away, then during the day I’m an absolute mess cause I didn’t get enough sleep and I end up falling a sleep in the middle of the day and then I’m up way to late again – and so the circle continues….. SOOOOOO FRUSTRATING…. I need to wake up already….!!!!!

It’s not like I don’t have things to do, cause actually I have way to much on my plate lately.. I really really REALLY need to get started on my Bachelor assignment – my house looks like a disaster area – I have laundry piles that could easily reach the ceiling – tons of homework besides the bachelor – and the list goes on, in endlessness.. #note to self:


But HOW, now see that is the million dollar question…!!! Does anybody have a cure..? A shrink maybe ? An insane asylum ? A lobotomy ?

I mean WHY do I dream at all…??? Is it even normal..? Are there others out there like me…??? God I’m going crazy here…… Does all this dreaming surge a greater purpose somehow, or is it my defense mechanism that kicks in every time life gets a little to much to deal with..?? I can’t figure it out lately… Somebody please just wake me up already…

Avicii sais it kinda well – maybe I’m just getting wiser maybe theres a purpose to all my dreaming…. who knows…..

But see now I did it again – I have just successfully waisted more time.. .Just spend like half an hour writing a post nobody will probably ever see – a post nobody will notice – a post for nobody than my own eyes, when instead I could have spend half an hour doing the laundry, doing my homework, grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking dinner, spending time with my kids, writing on my bachelors assignment…… Is this blog really just another excuse for me to do everything else than I’m actually supposed to do…???

Well if anybody actually DO read this and they just happen to have a “turn of the dream” cure – you know like a magic button you can just turn off and on as you please – please let me know… Now I think I’ll try to get around to doing a load of laundry leaving you with a song that must be my all time favorite as I couldn’t say it much better my self.. 🙂


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