Phase 1 part two !!

Phase 1 part two !!

First a little summary of my history and relationship with my grandparents… Ever since I was a little child, my grandparents on my fathers side was like my second parents.. I also had an amazing relationship with my other grandparents, but there was just this special bond with my dads parents. I would spend almost every weekend with them, and they’d spoil me like there was no tomorrow. We’d go for rides in the car every time I visited and in the summer we’d stop for ice-cream and in the winter we’d stop for chocolate. I’d be in the backseat enjoying every single minute of my time with them, I have SO many precious memories with them. Being with them was freedom, it was a place where I could be myself, and a place where I always felt appreciated and loved. I was never doubtful of their love for me, and we had so many little routines and traditions that nobody would probably understand, but that made so much sense to us.
I felt like I was the daughter they never had, and there was nothing better then being with them. When I got a little older and started going on sleepovers with my friends, my granddad was the one who would pick me up and drive me home when I missed my parents and wanted to go home. When it was raining and didn’t feel like riding my bike, I could always call my granddad and he’d pick me up. When I didn’t call to ask if I could come over, they’d call me, tell me they missed me and ask me if I wanted to come over. I loved them more than words can express and enjoyed every second of my time with them.

In about the 7th grade I started getting a little more busy with all of my friends so I didn’t spend as much time with them as I used to. And when I started 8th grade my time with them was even more limited. I didn’t have as many sleepovers with them and I wouldn’t go for as many car trips with them as I used to. I’d visit them of course and I’d call them, and they would never go on any of their little trips without calling me first, asking if I wanted to come. One day we had planned for me to go with them for a ride, but I was having so much fun with my friends that I called them last minute canceling our plan. I felt really guilty, but my granddad assured me that it was okay and not to worry about it “you can go with us next week” he said and that was the last conversation I had with him. My friends and I heard an ambulance that day, and talked about how it sounded to be close to where we were – this was just about 15 minutes after I had hung up on my granddad, but we didn’t think to much of it, and kept about our business. What I didn’t know at that time was that the ambulance was actually for my granddad and that he was actually only 150 meters away from where I was..! He had crashed his car in to a light pole, as he’d suffered a stroke while driving..!!! My life as I knew it had changed..!!

Caught up in a dream…

AAARRGGHH so these last couple of days I just can’t seem to stop dreaming… Once again I’m really just caught up in this little dreamworld of mine, and I can’t seem to wake up or snap out of it… And I really really need to, cause I kinda have a Bachelor to write, so I have NO time for dreaming right now….. I blame Pinterest, Pinterest is such a time consumer when you’re a dreamer like me.. I already have everything lined up for that day when I magically become a millionaire and get to build my own house.. I have like a gzillion dreams on pinterest just ready to be taken to use… Add me @ johannemagrethe on pinterest and get a glimpse of all of my crazy dreams in pictures..

So the dream place for me to live is Calabasas… I’m just obsessed with this area, don’t know why cause I’ve never been there, but on TV it just looks like an amazing place to live, and so I can’t stop myself from checking out daily just to see if new homes has been put up for sale… I wish I could see Calabasas with my own eyes, then maybe I would fall out of love with it and maybe then I could stop all this silly dreaming… Ohh well, currently this is my favorite home in Calabasas…

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I mean how pretty is that…. You can see more pics of the house by clicking on this link :

I LOVE trulia cause it makes it really easy to dream big like I tend to do 🙂 🙂

And obviously I’d decorate this house amazingly.. so as previously stated I found a million good ideas on Pinterest… Way to many to put up in here, so check out my Pinterest for great ideas for homes 🙂

Well besides dreaming of Calabasas… I’ve been dreaming a lot lately about the whole baby thing…. It’s just so hard to come to terms with the fact  that I’ll never have more kids, ohh what I wouldn’t do to have more babies, twins would be perfect, twins are my dream…!!! God I hope that at least one of my dreams would come true one day, cause the thought of it never happening is just unbearable !!!!!!! how do you make you’re dreams come true..?? How…….

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Friday – Jackpot day…!!!

Uhhhhh it’s friday again… Fridays are always a little weird for me as that is the day of the Eurojackpot drawings.. And friday after friday after friday, I literally dream my day away.. I just can’t seem to let the thought of winning go, and every friday I actually try to force myself to not think about it, cause the day I don’t think about it might just be the day I win..??

I mean it’s kinda like when we tried for a second child. We really really really wanted to have a baby, and planned everything. I had always wanted to have a baby in the fall so just before christmas we started trying.. I thought it would take a couple of months at the most, cause first time around it was so easy… But the second time, nothing happened… I didn’t get it, I mean we knew that we were able to have a child but still it just didn’t happen. I ended up thinking about it every single second of every single day, I got totally obsessed, using ovulations tests and so on, but still nothing… After a year and a half of trying and having 2 miscarriages, I finally gave up hope, and we decided to seek help… BUT after giving up hope, not using the ovulation tests, not thinking about it all the time – thats when I got pregnant…. So you see I believe everything happens when you least expect it, and maybe the same goes for winning the lottery – it will happen when I least expect it…!!!! So maybe when I’m finally done with my education in a couple of years, and maybe when my financial situation is better – then maybe that’s when I’ll winn…???

I just can’t wait though….. I want it to happen noooooowwwww…. Buuuuuuhuuuuuuuu

…. “I wanna be a billionaire sooo f*ing baaad buy all of the things I never had” ……

This song just says it sooooo well…. Thats exactly how I feel and especially on fridays… Today the Jackpot is 18 million dollars – I mean how insane is that… Think of all the people I would be able to help with that amount of money…. CRAZY… And this week in my country we have a “cure cancer week” so I would definitely donate a huge amount of money to that also…. Please please and please with please on top, dear God please let me win…………. I promise to do good with the money, I promise………. 🙂 🙂 🙂

………………………………  18.000.000,00 $ ……………………….


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One of my dreams..

Hi’ my name i JohanneMagrethe and I’m a dreamer…

Actually I can spend as much as, well probably 5 to 6 hours a day just dreaming… Dreaming dreaming dreaming dreaming…. So what do I dream about..? Well I’ve already told you about some of my dreams, or should I say plans? Cause if I do win the lottery one day I will defiantly go through with all of my plans.. Well here’s one of my other dreams for when I become a millionaire..

I wanna buy a house in the states, and go live there for a year. See I’ve always loved the states and everything about it, and I’ve even been there twice.. It would just be amazing for both my children and me, they could go to school over there and I would get to play rich hollywood lady for a year. And yeah I’d only stay there for a year, cause I simply love my family and friends to much to be away from them longer then that. So thanks to I found my dream house.. I just absolutely LOVE, it is an amazing site so easy to navigate making it even easier for me to dream.. So here is my dream house


To see the details cheek this link :

The house is in Calabasas in the completely gated and private area. You see I’d be kinda scared being in LA all by my lonesome so safety is important when I choose my new home. It’s really expensive though so you see I really really need to win the lottery… Another plus about this place is that it is located close to one of the Kardashians.. I just love those sisters and kinda see me and my sisters and my crazy family, as a european version of them.. Now don’t think that I’m some crazy stocker fan, cause I’m definitely not! But I just figured that if I needed a safe place to live, what better way than to check out where the celebs lived and thats when I came across their homes.. Actually theres a pic of it on google so it’s really simple to find, see here’s Kourtney’s house


It’s actually on the same street as the house I found on trulia… How cool would it be living in this area huh… I even went so far as to figure out what car I was gonna buy once I came over there, and even found a car dealership close by where I could buy it.. This is my dream car, and the car I’m gonna buy when I win the lottery and go to the states :


A white Range rover sport, with everything inside of it that one could wish for… In the country I come from very few people can afford a car like this so just the thought of being able to drive this car is so unreal.. But I’m gonna win the lottery right, so it’s just a matter of time before I’m behind the wheel of this baby 🙂 🙂

I just really really really need to win the lottery so I can make this dream come true.. I just need to… Cant wait…..